Personal Use Commission Terms and Conditions

Before you intend on commissioning please read the following terms of service. Upon sending me a request (for a commission) you have acknowledged that you have read and are in compliance with these terms and conditions.​​ Please note that this is for personal use commissions only. If you wish to commission me for a commercial project, please get in touch.

Things to Include in your request:
This is the info you need to include when ordering a commission.


  • References. I will require clear references in order to avoid errors, and to better represent the subject. Photographs, previous artwork, or detailed descriptions of the subject are acceptable. For pet portraits, please also include the species / breed of the animal(s).

  • Your paypal email, as I only accept payments through paypal.

  • Whether the image is required for a deadline. If there is a deadline and you do not mention it in the first instance, I may not be able to meet the deadline, and refunds will not be given.

I reserve the right not to accept commissions for whatever reason, specified or unspecified.



  • I only accept payments through paypal. I will send a paypal invoice once I am ready to take payment.

  • All payments are to be made upfront unless I have suggested and we have both agreed otherwise. I will not start your commission or add you to the commission queue until the payment has reached my end. 



  • Once payment has been confirmed and I have reached you in the queue, I will begin the commission. 

  • I will contact you following the initial sketch phase, the lineart phase, and the flat colour stage. At each stage, you are able to request changes, but once I have moved onto the next stage changes may not be made, or may be made for an increased rate. For example, changes to the overall design may not be requested upon the colouring stage, but you can request colour changes. 

Refunds and Cancellations

  • If the commission has not yet started and you wish to cancel, you may ask for a full refund. 

  • If the commission has been started, a full refund will not be issued but depending on the status of the image I will refund up to 50% of the total cost. This is at my discretion and is to protect me from being scammed for free art. You will be given a png or jpg of the work.

  • If I need to cancel the project for any reason, I will give a full refund.


​Rights/copyright and permissions

  • I own the full rights to the image. If you wish to purchase the rights to the image, their may be a fee, however I reserve the right to deny the sale of the image rights for any situation. 

  • The commissioner is never permitted to edit/modify, distribute, make merchandise, claim credit, use for advertising whether under any circumstances without my explicit permission be it for profit or non-profit.

  • The commissioner is not permitted under any circumstances to crop, edit/modify, change, recolour, filter, trace, vector or appropriate the art in any way unless you have explicitly asked for permission. Only resizing the whole image for thumbnails is permitted. When ever in doubt please ask.

  • I reserve the right to display the image on my portfolio and social media. If you require the image to be kept private for a certain timeframe, you must inform me of this.

  • Commissioners are not entitled to the psd, sai or other files which contain layers. I will only send the commission as a png file or jpg if requested. 

  • After you have received your finished commission (this includes any correction of mistakes) the transaction will be over and you are not permitted to ask for a refund.

  • It is your responsibility to upload the image to another server after I have sent you the link. 

Please feel free to ask any questions before proceeding and I will be happy to answer.